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Promoting sustainable development through the use of energy efficient equipment and practices along with renewable energy technology.

Business Overview

Solartek of Puerto Rico has been working in the renewable energy and with energy efficient technologies since 1992. We perform planning, consulting, engineering design, sales, and installation of energy efficient and renewable energy equipment. Solartek is currently developing and commercializing proprietary products of our own as well providing consulting services to other businesses. Solartek has been actively engaged in U.S. and international initiatives. Among our clients are universities, state and federal government agencies, utilities, real state developers, industries, architectural and engineering firms, as well as individual home and business owners.

Geographic Area

Puerto Rico and Abroad

Line of Business

Construction > Builders and Contractors part 1 of 2 > Electric Power Systems Contractors

Brands We Carry

We have an alliance with the best team of designers and contractors, along with competitive distributors to provide all of our clients the best solution at the best price.

Products And Services

Planning, Design, Installation, and Supplier of Renewable Energy Systems for Energy Generation for off-grid, on-grid connected applications

Additional Information

Sample of our Services: Remote Sensing or Instrumentation Equipment; Hot Water; Waste Heat Recovery and Process; Solar Lighting; Water Pumping; Environmental and Resources Impacts or Assessments Studies for Energy Related Projects; Government and Institutional Policy, Regulations, and Planning Consulting Services; Cogeneration; Energy Efficiency Audits and Improvements; Electrical Engineering Consulting;


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